What Is Seed Biking and Ought to You Strive It?


Seed biking is a holistic, nutrition-based strategy that some proof suggests could assist assist a traditional steadiness of the feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Although you may see influencers posting in regards to the “pattern” of seed biking, this apply has an extended historical past of conventional use in naturopathic drugs and different holistic modalities.

However, does seed biking work? And which seeds are finest?

Let’s get to the basis of your questions on seed biking.

What Is Seed Biking?

“Seed biking is consuming choose seeds throughout totally different phases of the menstrual cycle in an effort to steadiness hormones,” says Tina Marinaccio, MS, RD, who provides diet counseling and cooking courses within the better New York Metropolis space.

The menstrual cycle has two phases:

  • Follicular section: Day considered one of your interval via ovulation, when estrogen ranges are increased, and progesterone ranges are decrease.
  • Luteal section: Ovulation to day considered one of your subsequent interval, when estrogen ranges are decrease and progesterone ranges are increased.

Completely different seeds are historically consumed every day throughout every section:

  • Follicular section: one tablespoon every of flaxseed and pumpkin seeds
  • Luteal section: one tablespoon every of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds

What Does Seed Biking Do?

Seed biking makes use of diet to assist assist the traditional steadiness of hormones that play a job in fertility and situations, together with:*

  • PMS
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • uterine fibroids
  • irregular durations
  • interval ache

*It’s at all times finest to seek the advice of along with your doctor earlier than beginning any new diet program — particularly when you’re experiencing any of the above signs and situations.

“The substances consumed within the first half of the month are extra estrogen-promoting,” explains says Dr. Heather Tynan, ND. “These consumed within the second half are extra progesterone-promoting. They assist the pure waves of hormonal waxing and waning within the regular menstrual cycle, and finally correct estrogen-to-progesterone ratios.”

Ideally, seed biking ought to begin on day considered one of your interval.

By consuming sure seeds excessive in particular vitamins, you “promote applicable hormone ratios throughout that exact section,” says Tynan.

She makes use of seed biking with sufferers to handle quite a lot of gynecological issues. She says it may well take three months or extra to see outcomes.

Marinaccio says that advocates “purport that consuming omega-3 fatty acids and lignans discovered within the seeds in section one assist wholesome estrogen ranges.”

Within the luteal section, it’s the omega-6 fatty acids and lignans within the seeds believed to assist optimize hormone steadiness.

The seeds are additionally sources of phytoestrogens, or parts in vegetation that mimic the estrogen your physique makes, explains Tynan.

Phytoestrogens fill in in your estrogen when ranges are low and compete with it once they’re too excessive.

Does Seed Biking Work?

“Seed biking [may help] treatment irregular menstrual cycles and feminine reproductive-related signs for a lot of ladies,” Tynan says. “In fact, it’s not the only reply for everybody.”

Seed biking “pushes the steadiness of hormones in the suitable route,” she says, however the final query is, “What induced the imbalance?”

If an individual has one other situation or a way of life concern, “seed biking is unlikely to be the standalone answer,” she says.

“Proper now, there’s not a variety of proof to assist utilizing seed biking to steadiness hormones throughout reproductive age,” says Marinaccio.

She added that there’s “some proof” that the vitamins in seeds will help signs of menopause, equivalent to scorching flashes. “Extra analysis is required to discover the potential advantages of seed biking for hormone steadiness.”

Do You Must Use Floor Seeds for Seed Biking?

Whilst you can merely snack on pumpkin and sunflower seeds (as you’ll puffed water lily seeds), says Tynan, your physique will take in sesame and particularly flax seeds higher if they’re floor.

To protect their wholesome fat, retailer all seeds within the fridge or freezer, and grind a small quantity at a time.

One tasty, easy approach to make use of your seeds is to grind them, then combine along with your favourite seasoning mix, dietary yeast, salt, and pepper.

Sprinkle the combination on greens, stir into soup, or combine with hummus or one other dip.

Ought to I Strive Seed Biking for Hormone Balancing?

“Seed biking is commonly a straightforward, cheap, secure place to start out for ladies who’re attempting to get their reproductive techniques and cycles again on observe,” says Tynan, including that’s “supplied no different well being problem is current that calls for extra rapid medical intervention.”

Marinaccio provides that, “seeds are excessive in minerals, fiber, wholesome fat, and provide many advantages (that the entire household can take pleasure in).”

You must at all times seek the advice of your doctor to see if this strategy could also be best for you or to find out if in case you have a extra severe problem.



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