Advantages of a Vegetarian Eating regimen for Older Girls


Are there well being advantages for a vegetarian weight loss plan for older girls? Sure, science reveals that vegetarian–even a vegan weight loss plan for older girls could also be healthful and helpful. The bottom line is creating an optimum consuming plan to satisfy your wants.

You’ve in all probability heard it earlier than, “A vegetarian weight loss plan for older girls isn’t secure. And a vegan weight loss plan for older girls is much more dangerous.” The belief that plant-based diets aren’t applicable for ladies as they age generally is a widespread concern, even amongst well being care and diet professionals. But it hasn’t stored older girls—even celebrities equivalent to Michelle Pfeiffer and Christie Brinkley—from flocking to plant-based diets, equivalent to vegetarian and vegan diets. In accordance with a 2022 survey by Cornell College, about one in ten People over the age of 18 considers themselves vegetarian or vegan. Girls aged 35 to 54 make up a rising seven p.c of that quantity, and girls older than 55 make up greater than two p.c, however it’s on the rise. And I see this each day in my work as a plant-based dietitian. Fairly merely put, an increasing number of older girls are in search of out plant-based diets for well being advantages. However are these diets certainly healthful for ladies as they age? 

It’s true that older girls have vital diet issues, equivalent to sustaining a wholesome weight, defending bones, and keeping off coronary heart illness. However that doesn’t imply a plant-based weight loss plan is off limits. The truth is, this model of consuming could also be helpful in coping with these issues. The Academy of Vitamin and Dietetics (The Academy) reported in its 2016 place assertion on vegetarian diets that appropriately deliberate a vegan and vegetarian weight loss plan are healthful and nutritionally enough, and so they might present well being advantages within the therapy of sure ailments throughout all phases of the life cycle.

“There’s no purpose in any respect why girls of any age can’t undertake a vegan or vegetarian weight loss plan,” says Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, a plant-based diet skilled who makes a speciality of diets for older girls and coauthor of Vegan for Her and By no means Too Late to Go Vegan. “Some nutrient wants change with age, however these wants may be met from plant meals,” Messina explains. 

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Older Women
I’ve been consuming a vegan weight loss plan for 12 years, and earlier than {that a} vegetarian weight loss plan. As I age, my plant-based weight loss plan provides me a number of well being advantages.

Potential Well being Advantages for Older Girls

Analysis helps the well being advantages of plant-based diets. Vegetarian dietary patterns have been linked with quite a few well being advantages, together with a decrease threat of ischemic coronary heart illness, hypertension, most cancers, and sort 2 diabetes, decrease ranges of LDL ldl cholesterol and blood stress, and decreased BMI. Within the landmark Adventist Well being Research-2 (AHS-2), information on completely different dietary patterns—vegan, vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, and non-vegetarian—had been analyzed from greater than 73,300 Seventh-day Adventist members in the US and Canada. In accordance with Ella Haddad, DrPH, MS, RD, an affiliate professor within the division of diet at Loma Linda College College of Public Well being, who evaluates information within the AHS-2, “For coronary heart illness—the No. 1 killer in girls—the chance appears to be decrease amongst vegan and vegetarians, in accordance with the AHS-2.”

“In some circumstances, vegetarian girls might have nutrient intakes that decrease their threat for persistent illness,” says Messina, who additionally gives diet sources on her web site, In accordance with Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, LDN, a plant-based diet skilled, creator, and diet advisor for The Vegetarian Useful resource Group, “By way of coronary heart well being, vegan diets are freed from ldl cholesterol, and relying on meals selections, a vegan and vegetarian weight loss plan may be low in saturated fat.”

In one other research analyzing information from each women and men enrolled within the AHS-2, researchers linked lacto-ovo vegetarian diets with a 9% discount in all-cause mortality and vegan diets with a 15% discount in contrast with nonvegetarian diets, though the findings had been extra sturdy for males than girls. Within the EPIC-Oxford research, researchers discovered a 22% decrease threat of ischemic coronary heart illness amongst vegetarian adults (women and men mixed) in contrast with nonvegetarians.

One of many predominant benefits of a well-planned plant-based weight loss plan is its wealthy nutrient profile, which can be much more vital for older girls. “Vegetarians eat extra fiber and fewer saturated fats and have diets which can be richer in antioxidants, so there are some particular benefits to consuming this manner as we age,” Messina says.

It may be difficult for older girls to navigate and meet their dietary wants as power wants are inclined to lower with getting older, which implies that consuming a nutrient-dense weight loss plan is particularly vital, says Mangels. “Which means that in some methods, a whole-foods vegan or vegetarian weight loss plan may very well make this simpler due to the numerous nutrient-dense meals which can be typically included. Girls can eat very effectively on a nutrient-dense vegan or vegetarian weight loss plan with out feeling disadvantaged,” Mangels says. Plant-based diets, vegan diets particularly, are related to decrease BMI. A plant-based weight loss plan might assist girls meet their dietary wants whereas avoiding weight acquire and its cascade of well being issues, which can happen because of larger physique fats.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Older Women
Getting enough protein by way of plant protein sources, equivalent to seitan on this recipe for Snow Pea Seitan Stir-Fry with Brown Rice, is vital.

Assembly Protein Wants

One of many biggest challenges for older girls on plant-based diets could also be enough protein consumption, particularly in gentle of current suggestions to extend protein consumption whereas getting older. Decreases in whole physique protein can result in elevated frailty, impaired wound therapeutic, and decreased immune perform. A protein consumption reasonably higher than the Really useful Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 0.8 g/kg of physique weight could also be indicated to reinforce muscle protein anabolism and reduce muscle mass loss. In accordance with the 2016 Place Paper on vegetarian diet for older adults, some proof suggests protein is used much less effectively with getting older, which can imply larger protein necessities. 

“Protein is a nutrient that wants some consideration within the diets of all older folks, because it’s so vital for sustaining muscle and bone mass,” Messina says. “Vegetarians, and particularly vegans, might have considerably larger protein wants in comparison with individuals who eat meat. It’s by no means troublesome to get sufficient protein, however vegans do have to put a little bit bit of additional emphasis on legumes, ensuring they devour not less than 4 servings per day. Some older vegans might do higher with even a little bit greater than that.”

“The AHS-2 discovered that these with larger protein consumption had higher bone density, irrespective of the place the protein got here from,” Haddad provides.

Messina means that it’s vital to decide on protein-dense meals, significantly these which can be excessive within the amino acid lysine. “These are legumes, equivalent to beans, soyfoods, and peanuts. Most older girls will want not less than 4 servings of those meals every day. It’s not laborious to devour that quantity, since a serving is simply 1/2 cup of beans, tofu, or soymilk or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Nevertheless it does imply that some girls may have to emphasise legumes over grains,” she provides. Be taught extra about getting protein on a plant-based weight loss plan right here. 

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Older Women
Together with calcium and vitamin D by way of fortified plant milk, equivalent to on this recipe for Golden Milk, is a key technique for bone safety.

Bone Safety, Calcium, and Vitamin D

One other vital concern amongst older girls—vegetarians and nonvegetarians alike—is bone mass preservation (learn my weblog on bone well being for vegans right here). Osteoporosis impacts an estimated 200 million girls worldwide—and roughly one in three girls over age 50 will expertise osteoporosis fractures, in accordance with the Worldwide Osteoporosis Basis. Some dietary components, equivalent to calcium and vitamin D consumption, which generally are related to dairy meals, are vital for bone well being and could also be a bit difficult to get in vegan diets. Nonetheless, plant-based diets may be wealthy in different key vitamins concerned in bone well being, equivalent to vitamin Ok and magnesium.

Are vegetarians—particularly vegans, who keep away from dairy merchandise altogether—at a higher threat of osteoporosis? “Older vegan girls have to put some emphasis on calcium-rich meals, since calcium wants enhance with age,” Messina says. “And ladies are at larger threat of bone loss.” In accordance with Mangels, some research level out the chance of decrease bone mineral density amongst vegetarians and vegan girls, however the proof is sophisticated.

In accordance with Mangels, there are solely a restricted variety of research on bone well being in older vegetarian and vegan girls. “Most are very small, and a number of other had topics the place each vegan and nonvegan topics had low intakes of calcium, beneath 400 mg/day. Though these research have a tendency to seek out decrease bone mineral density in vegans, I don’t assume there was a research printed that has had an enough pattern dimension and that targeted on Western vegans and measured bone mineral density,” she explains. 

In terms of bone well being, it could be simpler to have a look at an individual’s particular person nutrient consumption reasonably than generalizing a dietary sample. For instance, a poorly deliberate vegan weight loss plan may be insufficient so far as protein, calcium, and vitamin D and put an older girl susceptible to osteoporosis, simply as a nonvegetarian weight loss plan can. To assist bone well being, Mangels recommends “enough protein—not less than assembly the RDA of 0.8 g/kg/day and presumably going considerably larger, since larger protein intakes together with train have slowed the lack of muscle mass that happens with getting older. An consumption of 1 to 1.2 g/kg/day of protein appears cheap.” As for calcium, she recommends assembly the present RDA of 1,200 mg/day of calcium for ladies aged 51 and older.

To attain enough ranges of calcium and vitamin D, vegetarian girls can comply with the USDA MyPlate suggestions, which name for 3 servings of low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and different dairy merchandise in addition to calcium-fortified meals and drinks. Vegan girls can change these dairy servings with different calcium-rich meals and drinks. “For vegans, calcium-rich meals are fortified plant milks, fortified juices, tofu made with calcium sulfate, and leafy greens equivalent to collards, turnip greens, kale, and bok choy,” Messina says.

Vitamin D is present in fortified plant milks, and vegan girls are inspired to get 10 to fifteen minutes of daylight publicity per day. “The AHS-2 confirmed that vitamin D standing was finest for those that lived in areas with extra sunshine; it was not as depending on weight loss plan,” says Haddad, who stresses that getting enough vitamin D is vital. Mangels suggests assembly the present RDA for vitamin D, which is 600 IU/day for ladies aged 51 to 70 and 800 IU/day for ladies older than 70.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Older Women
Embody plant omega-3 sources, equivalent to walnuts, hemp seeds, and chia seeds. Do this recipe for Vegan In a single day Oats with Figs and Walnuts for starters.

Plant-Primarily based Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A physique of proof signifies that omega-3 fatty acids might have quite a few potential well being advantages, together with stopping coronary heart illness and stroke, aiding towards rheumatoid arthritis, and defending towards Alzheimer’s illness and most cancers. The consumption of marine omega-3s—EPA and DHA, which come primarily from fish—could also be low in vegetarians and vegans who keep away from fish altogether. Nonetheless, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a typical plant-based omega-3 fatty acid present in vegetable oils, walnuts, flaxseeds, and leafy greens, may be transformed to EPA and DHA within the physique, although at low ranges.

Whereas a number of research have discovered that EPA and DHA ranges are decrease in vegetarians and vegans than in nonvegetarians, Haddad experiences that the AHS-2 revealed extra optimistic findings. “Omega-3 ranges—EPA, DHA, and ALA—within the physique had been good amongst vegetarians and vegans in AHS-2,” she says, including that she believes well being care professionals ought to encourage enough intakes of ALA, EPA, and DHA on this inhabitants, though she warns towards “going overboard” with them.

Whereas getting sufficient ALA could also be simple, because it’s discovered in lots of meals that seem on the standard plant-based menu, EPA and DHA could also be extra elusive for vegetarians and vegans. Nonetheless, the rising availability of marine algae dietary supplements containing EPA and DHA has made it simpler to get these healthful fat. “The necessity for dietary supplements of DHA and EPA continues to be controversial. However conversion of ALA to those long-chain omega-3 fat could also be much less environment friendly in older folks, so it could be a good suggestion to take a small each day complement offering 200 to 300 mg of DHA and EPA mixed,” Messina suggests. Be taught extra about plant-based omega-3 sources right here. 

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Older Women
Embody common supplementation of vitamin B12, in addition to B12 fortified meals, like dietary yeast.

Vitamin B12 Increase 

Simply as vital as assembly the required consumption of omega-3s by way of weight loss plan is sustaining enough ranges of vitamin B12. It performs a significant function in metabolism, crimson blood cell formation, central nervous system upkeep, and DNA creation. Vitamin B12 deficiency is critical, as it could lead to megaloblastic anemia, with signs that embody numbness within the arms, problem strolling, reminiscence loss, and disorientation.

However this important nutrient is discovered particularly in animal merchandise, equivalent to fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and different dairy merchandise; it’s typically not present in plant meals. Although vitamin B12 is out there in fortified meals, it’s really helpful that vegans complement their weight loss plan with a each day vitamin B12 complement. Nonetheless, even nonvegetarian older girls must be involved about vitamin B12, as older adults might have impaired absorption of this nutrient and endure from deficiency. Thus, the Institute of Medication recommends that every one adults over the age of fifty obtain most of their vitamin B12 by way of dietary supplements and fortified meals.

“Many older adults have problem with absorbing vitamin B12 from meat and dairy merchandise however are capable of take in vitamin B12 from fortified meals and/or dietary supplements,” Mangels says.

Haddad experiences encouraging findings from the AHS-2: “Most of our inhabitants was consuming meals that had been fortified with vitamin B12, taking a vitamin B12 complement, or each. I didn’t see that there was a giant drawback with vitamin B12 deficiency amongst older girls on vegetarian or vegan diets.” Be taught extra about B12 on plant-based diets right here

Steadiness your plate with quite a lot of healthful complete plant meals. This recipe for Nicoise Salad with Tofu reveals a balanced meal in a single.

Discovering Steadiness 

If you have a look at the proof on plant-based diets for older girls, vegetarian and vegan diets can present well being advantages or potential dangers, however this is determined by how applicable and effectively deliberate the weight loss plan is. As with all weight loss plan sample, it’s doable to skip key vitamins, equivalent to calcium and vitamin D which can be important for well being, or overload on unhealthful vitamins equivalent to refined carbohydrates and sodium, which can be detrimental to well being. Nonetheless, a balanced plant-based weight loss plan—wealthy in legumes, complete grains, greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthful fat—provides the entire meals which can be linked to optimum well being. “It truly is vital for postmenopausal girls to eat a really nutrient-dense weight loss plan by together with loads of greens in meals and limiting ‘discretionary’ energy from sweets, snack meals, and alcohol,” says Messina. “It doesn’t imply you may by no means have these meals, however placing the emphasis on complete plant meals turns into more and more vital. And together with loads of train in your routine will mean you can devour extra energy, which in flip helps with assembly nutrient wants,” she says.

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