7 spectacular Okra Diet Info and Well being Advantages


Choice and storage

Recent, immature okra pods might be available within the shops year-round. The pods characteristic attractively wealthy inexperienced coloration and have a impartial taste. Within the markets, search for crispy, immature pods.

Keep away from these with over-mature, sunken, discolored, spots, cuts, and mushy.

As soon as at dwelling, eat them whereas they’re contemporary to acquire full advantages of nutritional vitamins and antioxidants. They might additionally keep properly for 1-2 days when positioned within the fridge.

Preparation and serving strategies

Some hybrid forms of okra could have subjected to insecticide/pesticide sprays. Subsequently, wash the pods totally in
the chilly water as a way to take away dust, soil, and any residual pesticides.

Trim the highest stem finish utilizing a paring knife. Though not required, some could desire trimming tip ends as properly. Then, lower/slice the pod as desired within the cooking.

Listed here are some serving ideas:

pickled okra pods okra pods stir fry
Pickled gumbo pods with child corn, and beans.
Picture courtesy: wharman
Okra pod stir fry with onion, tomato, and inexperienced chilies.
  • Okra pods are one of many broadly used greens in tropical nations. Chopped, or sliced, they are often stewed or fried (fritters) below low warmth oil to melt their mucilaginous texture. They then might be combined with different greens, rice, or meat.

  • Within the Caribbean islands, okra is cooked and loved in soup, typically with fish.

  • Recent okra pods typically characteristic within the “Louisiana state delicacies”, used as a thickener in seafood gumbos. This mucilaginous vegetable is normally cooked first, and different substances added as soon as the specified consistency is reached

  • The pods might be pickled and preserved like in different greens.

  • Tender okra leaves could also be cooked in an analogous method because the greens of beets or dandelions. The leaves are even be eaten uncooked in salads.

  • Thick stew of lamb or beef and okra (bamiya) is a well-liked dish in Egypt and different center japanese areas.

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Additional Assets:

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