How the Warfare on Local weather Change Destroyed the Environmental Motion


Within the first a part of this sequence (which should be learn to know lots of the ideas right here), I reviewed what number of completely different industries are dominated by people who will put income earlier than human lives — and that this occurs to a level that’s usually tough to even think about. The army industrial complicated, and the current warfare in Ukraine finest embody this grotesque aspect of the human situation, however the identical patterns are seen in lots of different fields as effectively.

As a longtime environmentalist, one of the crucial miserable issues I’ve watched in my lifetime has been main polluters hijacking the environmental motion and reworking it from one thing that fought to towards the destruction of our air and water to a fanatical campaign towards (innocent) carbon dioxide. Sadder nonetheless, this campaign has regularly change into a warfare and has adopted the identical playbook utilized by the events which lust for full energy over the citizenry.



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