Is Coconut Water Truly Good For You?


You in all probability see cartons of it lined up within the grocery retailer (and in your match good friend’s fridge), however is coconut water good for you? What are its advantages, and with all the opposite forms of water, is it price shelling out the additional cash?

Learn on to seek out out what it is advisable to find out about this fashionable drink and the advantages it gives.

What Is Coconut Water?

“Coconut water is the liquid taken from an immature coconut,” explains Trinh Le, MPH, RDN. (A lot of the water in a younger coconut turns into coconut meat because the coconut matures.)

“It comprises water, some sugars, and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium,” she provides.

If you consider reducing off the highest of a younger coconut, the meat is on the within of the husk and kinds a cup for the coconut water on the middle.

The Advantages of Coconut Water

Listed here are six methods you possibly can profit from ingesting coconut water, in response to the consultants.

1. Naturally hydrating

“Coconut water is usually a nice rehydration drink for athletes and heavier exercisers to interchange a number of the electrolytes and replenish carbohydrate shops which are utilized throughout train,” says Emily Tills, MS, RDN, CDN.

One small research discovered that coconut water with added sodium was simply as efficient at rehydrating individuals as a sports activities drink.

2. Decrease in sugar than most sports activities drink

This can be a easy swap when you’re watching your sugar consumption. In style sports activities drinks have 13 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving. Coconut water has about 9 grams of sugar in the identical serving dimension, however there’s no added sugars.

3. Straightforward on the abdomen

If you happen to wrestle with occasional post-workout nausea, coconut water is perhaps a great rehydration choice to contemplate. One research discovered that coconut water brought about considerably much less nausea, fullness, and abdomen upset after a exercise than sports activities drinks or plain water.

4. Coconut taste with out the fats

In contrast to coconut milk, coconut water doesn’t comprise fats. Coconut water is a good way to infuse tropical taste into smoothies and shakes with out including a great deal of fats and extra energy.

The draw back? Coconut water isn’t wealthy and creamy like coconut milk.

5. Good supply of potassium

Coconut water may enable you to meet your each day potassium wants, which Tills says many people fail to do. One cup of coconut water delivers about 600 mg potassium. It’s not a mineral to be ignored, she says, because it’s “wanted within the physique to assist with nerve pulses and sending messages from the mind all through the physique.”

Even a light potassium scarcity may cause fatigue and muscle weak point.

6. Straightforward calorie-saving swap

Coconut water “comprises much less sugar than typical fruit juice and is probably going a great swap when you frequently drink juice however wish to lower down on sugars,” says Le.

She provides that though coconut water doesn’t have fats, you possibly can nonetheless trigger a calorie surplus by ingesting an excessive amount of of it. So whereas ingesting it rather than higher-calorie drinks is usually a wholesome swap, you must nonetheless be conscious of how a lot you’re consuming. You too can dilute coconut water with plain water.

So when you may use a wholesome various to water or sports activities drinks in your life, then coconut water is a good selection.



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